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High-Tech Transmission and Muffler is a certified transmission installation and repair shop servicing ALL vehicles. We pride ourselves on timely installations and repairs of transmissions as we know your vehicle is a necessity to you.

Our work is backed with a guarantee on parts and labor and comes with great savings!.

Transmissions are our speciality, but our mechanics are fully Certified for ALL auto repairs, minor or major, and on ALL makes and models.

Call today for an estimate, and let High-Tech get you back on the road!


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New High-Tech website launched! Please pardon us as we undergo changes to the website.


Engine Service

We service all engines, regardless of make or model. We rebuild, replace, and do ALL MAJOR repairs for your vehicle. Give us a call to discuss your options.

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Rebuilt Transmissions

We can rebuild your transmission or replace it with one of our rebuilt transmissions.

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Muffler and Exhaust

We repair broken Exhaust Systems and Catalytic converters and we build and install new Custom MagnaFlow Performance Exhaust Systems. Ask us about your Exhaust System options.

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Did You Know? - What is Mudding?

Mud bogging (also known as mud racing, mud running, mud drags, or mudding) is a form of off-road motorsport popular in Canada and the United States in which the goal is to drive a vehicle through a pit of mud of a set length. Winners are determined by the distance traveled through the pit. However, if several vehicles are able to travel the entire length, the time taken to traverse the pit will determine the winner. Typically, vehicles competing in mud bogs are four-wheel drives. The motor sport is overseen by sanctioning bodies like the American Mud Racing Association,[1] and the National Mud Racing Organization (NMRO),[2] that oversee each class, develop and maintain the relationship with track owners to provide a racer and fan-friendly facility, ensure the sponsors get a good return, and help govern the sport. It is very popular in Alberta, Canada (where the sport originated) and the Southern United States.


Mud Pics...

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